Paradox SP6000 Alarm System Including: K32 LED Codepad

Alarm System Features:
• 8 to 32 zone expandable system
• 4-wire expansion bus
• Supports 2 partitions (unlike other systems,) with no additional programming required to enable partitioning other than assigning a zone to the second area
• Supports up to 32 user codes
• Quick and easy onsite system upgrades via its in-field firmware upgrade capability
• Simple internet access to system by users and techs for maintenance and system status checks. ** (IP50 Ip Internet module is required. This module also enables access via the iParadox smartphone App available for iOs or Android.”
• Simple configuration using easy-to-follow, menu-driven programming

PDX-DG75 Digigard Pet Immune Security Detector Features:
• Reliable detection and false-alarm free
• Superior pet immunity using a patented combination of advanced optics and digital processing technologies
• Immune to pets weighing up to 40Kg
• Digital Dual Opposed Detection
• 11m x 11m, 90° viewing angle

K-32 LED Codepad Features:
• Provides full system status on a 16 character two line LCD display
• Arm / Disarm / Panic / Duress
• System faults clearly displayed and acknowledged
• Simple to configure and use

Kit Inclusions:
• 1 x PDX-SP6000 – Paradox 16 Zone SP Series Panel PCB
• 1 x PDX-KIT1 – Base Kit Enclosure Box
• 1x Back up Battery
• 1x 16V AC Plug Pack
• 1xTamper Switch
• 1x Telephone Plug and Bracket
• 2 x PDX-DG75 – Digigard High-Security Digital Motion Detector with Pet Immunity
• 1 x CSD-1001 – Combo Siren/Strobe with high intensity LED
• 1 x CSD-1003 – Top Hat Screamer, 12VDC